WaveTrain2 aurora project EEA Report

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This is how I'm reading this, let me know if I got this wrong or not?
I'm just guessing..

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Trail Vast Eco Systems

Vast Eco Stimuli


The wavetrain2 project is a multinational
(geographic zoning Govern-ments)
Initial Training Network (ITN) funded under the FP7-People program (Sentient being law of attraction \ integration education)
in order to face the wide range of challenges that industrial-scale (such as abstracted collaborations, nuclear fabrication, trail eco systems, cultvation any “constructed” state)

wave energy implementation faces in the near future, (Ether build up, ecco-nomic collapse, Social distortion exc)

focusing on technical issues, from hydrodynamic (even flow idealism duailty with aquatic abstracts)

and PTO (Power Take-Off) design (unstable open currency connection tracking and sadation system intergrated into alignment adjustments)

to instrumentation issues (electrostatic conductors, tri-ring spears, Kern nuclear fabrication... )

and energy storage(bio genetic units, aurora absorbsion and conversion, bubble fusion ecco/eco-plasmatic..)

and cost reduction (focus consumsion, progression rate, barrier control..)

show to be critical for successful deployment (fall out percentage – Age defined confinements, hence Capricorn age currency idealism).



On the other hand, also non-technical “barriers”, typically less tangible difficulties related to legal issues (licensing, conflicts of use, EIA procedures, grid connection, regional differences) (engagement procedures into perceptional four play and education with geographic stimulus and or creative collaborations –" Venture passes” conflicting with artificial intelligents )

and the non-sufficient representation of socio-economic benefits of the sector, will be dealt with, as they are seen as a major obstacle for fast implementation on a European scale. The network(social fallouts “bad school antennary, separated idealism exc. as seen with atmospheric states, aka the human element connection with extra terrestrial integration)

consists of 13 European (a corrections de-part-ment system to balance and control invasion of extended emissions within the current inner ionic and outer ionic influence of the current dominating flow)

partner institutions and 17 (law of attraction Trail and adjusting systems with stimulated/lost entities)

associated entities, from research units

and device developers ( Nasa, Aquatic nuisance department, shadow governments, bio-genetic hospice...)

to project developers (creative intelligence systems, artificial intelligence systems, Trial eco systems,  exc.)

and consultants ( adoptive or relative adjusters )




1 - Wave Energy Centre - Centro de Energia das Ondas (WavEC - Portugal)
(Fluid inner ionic and outer inoic dulaity system through aquatic eco stimuli)
2 - Instituto Superior Técnico (IST - Portugal)
(Highbrow engagement and marvel inner ionic mental formation)
3 - Queen’s University Belfast (QUB - United Kingdom)
(unstable stimulation artificial intelligence and elf field stimulus stabilization)
4 - The University of Edinburgh (UEDIN- United Kingdom)
(gardening open source utilization conversion)
5 - Wave Dragon Ltd. (WD- United Kingdom)
( cross platform bridge work, using artificial and bio genetic influences.)

6 - Aalborg Universiteit (AAU - Denmark)
(allagated thought process education – open conciseness and adaptability)
7 - SPOK APS (SPOK - Denmark)
( Variable containment and adjusting system)

8 - Technische Universiteit (TUDelft - The Netherlands)
(log in mental housing – conception grid work)
9 - AWS Ocean Energy Ltd (AWS - United Kingdom)
(Eco-Elemental Compass training Existed states such as metaphysic gardening, artificial intelligence and currency connection, source expansion)
10 - Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN - France)
(stratifuric/elementry simulated entities, high energetic/expressive natural order stimulants)
11 - University College Cork (UCC_HMRC - Ireland)
(hardwiring education, perceptional elasticity conversion to open source open conciseness)

12 - Norges Teknisk - Naturvitenskapelige (NTNU - Norway)
(grounding technique for natural stimuli with ten-ic or sub culturing creative “wild” outlooks)
13 - Fundacion Robotiker (TECNALIA-RBTK- Spain)
(ego based perceptional foreplay to sedate a conflicted onlooker – hence say-ten-ic arrangements)


Associated Partners


1 - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação, I.P (INETI - Portugal)
(dimensional twining, Blurred effects, empathic emulations and barrieric stimulus)
2 - EDP - Energias de Portugal (EDP - Portugal)
(hig field stimulus, energetic arousements and shifts)
3 - EFACEC Sistemas de Electrónica, SA (Efacec - Portugal)
( Law of attraction and originic bases)
4 - Kymaner Lda. (Kymaner - Portugal)
(directive lucid cultivation )
5 - Martifer Equipamentos para Energia SA (Martifer - Portugal)
( this is the alignment thing with the entities like shown with x70 and neighboring adjustments)
6 - Norvento Enerxia (Norvento - Spain)
( pre-spiritual formation casting)
7 - Auamarine Ltd (Aqua - United Kingdom)
(elevated formation through universal gear work bases implicated with a spear of influences each self defining in a extra-circler existence)
8 - Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC - Spain)
(abstracted or cultivated idealism, religion, governments- regeneration of formative idealism)
9 - Swansea University (SwanU - United Kingdom)
(transliteration for distorted entities)
10 - WAVEenergy AS (WaveSSG - Norway)
(insolated energy conversion)
11 - Second University of Naples (SUN - Italy)
(bio-genetic perceptional  influenced cross platform promoting  metaphysic gardening, and creative collaboration while maintaining open conciseness or variable expansion aka pax 6 (outlook) and dragon illumination  )
12 - Teamwork Technology BV (TT - The Netherlands)
(education of open source and unity, promoting wonder and exploration, and existence as a whole. )
13 - Saipem SA (Saimpem - France)
(IMP biogenetic constraints, enessence absorbsion alteration, and mental housing influenced within the surrounding and material frame)
14 - Ocean Energy Ltd. (OE - Ireland)
( eco-based invoketional scopes as Natural orders as Columbused orgins )
15 - Fred Olsen Ltd (FO - Norway)
(collective states with echo based influences such as static communication.)
16 - Ente Vasco de la Energia (EVE - Spain)
(vast ecosystems, vast existence, open currency limited aggression stabilizer, inner ionic and outer ionic duality partial adjustment)
17 - Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd (GH - United Kingdom)
(Shift from cross plat-formed based idealism)


So now I have a question..

Why trails? Natural inheritance is more productive and vast in essence and energetic expansion.

When entering a configured atmospheres please keep in mind the Expressive Sources of the spear, At first glance one may endeavor the layouts, culturing, and perceptional view points, then later enter more creative collaborations, echo currencies, and surrounding eco systems.

If your still engaged and interested in the surrounding influences but by now clearly and expressively ignited, you should make sure you do not use abstract agenda's to front forthcoming entities, they find this offensive I guess, try to remember the most basic of sense to flow freely through a system with the same respect you expect from the system.



Please Note:
These are just my assumsions of what the program may implicate.
Its basically a program for the integration of Extra Terrestrials, ( which inner ionic “concusses” surveying the outer Ionics “ surroundings” outside or not in conjunction with the dominating flow of perception, stimulation, Invoketional scope, and other duality's between a inner ionic and outer ionic connection)
Please do not engage in these types of activity's if you take any of this seriously, its just perceptional artwork and I'm a natural fool checking it out on the sidelines of life.

If you can keep your intuition, and stay unjudgemental, you can enter and play with these types of “programs” but if you let any of this dominate  your thought process and fade into its scenery, its best to balance it with a moral out look, as seeing humanity as a whole, and nature as a surrounding to feel and adventure.

If you get to caught up, go on a hike, enjoy your family, you may need to learn to not fade into the scenery of a entertainment or engagement of life.

Live, Love, Laugh

EEA Extended Existence Atmospheres
Creative Intelligence & Field Training Unit