Vast Eco Stimuli

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Learning how to connect with your vast eco system...
During the explorations you may practice connecting to your natural intuitions and senses,

1. atmospheric smells
2. electric/magnetic currency's
3. construction
4. empathic currency's
5. entity awareness
6. physical attributes, such as frontal lobe stimulation, physical control for example empathic pluse altering blood pressure, exc.
7. bearer resistance, and other barrier forms
8. evolutionary drives
9. ecosystem connectivity
10. Plain awareness and adaptability
11. Zoology
12. Universal makeup (dimensions, expansion, open curvature ex.)
13. & MUCH MORE !

Also we have equipment to help Bridge experience through natural intuition and ELF Feild connectivity for beginners.


At the appointed dates and times that we engage the field training and development process, we supply the equipment and tools needed to enhance development however these are "at home" ideas.


Interacting with the world around you

You have different ways of experiencing what takes place around you. You see, feel (both by touch and emotions), you taste, and you smell. Here are some focus points for increasing the stimuli thorough your senses....


Imagine images in your mind, can your change the picture? Can you make it move? Can you change the angle? Picture your self in the image, can you make your self younger? Make other creatures, be creative, can you see the way they move? Act? Can you see the textures? Elements? Other energetic forms?

Now look around in the atmosphere around you, what can you see? Can you zoom into and object or creature, can you see the elements? There formations, and how thing react to them both living and orientated. What else can you see?


Can you see formations non psychical? Maybe shadows or reflections that move strangely or cast an unusual shape? Is the shape entity wise or as a higher communication such as a sign? Also look around you, what kind of plants and animals are around you? How is the eco system around you connected? How is the construction, or cultures influences?


What can you hear? Can you hear the noises inside of your body? Can you here all the noises in your home or social environment? What can you hear in nature? Can you turn up or down the volume? Now can you imagine music or natures sounds?


Can you imagine emotions?Are you able to feel a good range of emotions? Can you mix and combine them and alter them in different forms? ( once you engage your self in other consensus you'll also learn and experience new emotions that's for much later though) can you intensify and weaken these emotions at will? Can you imagine pictures for the emotions? Can you step into and out of the scene, feeling and then not feeling the emotions connected to it, as you wish? Can you feel emotions of different people, entities, or objects? Can you feel the empathic pulses that fuel some energies, and you create your own output?

Also don't forgot to use your sense of touch, can you feel something and remember its texture, can you use it in graphic mediation? How do these two interact with each other? When you feel venturous, how do the sensation on your skin and in your lungs alter, when your distraught how do your muscles feel? When in love how dose you feel when someone touches you? Can you alter these paths? Get creative.


Smell & Taste
Can you imagine smells? Can you add a smell to an image?
Smell the atmosphere around you. Taste the air, what can you taste in the atmosphere? What are the different ingredients you taste in your meals?

Now its time to put all your senses together, can you create your own atmosphere in your mind, can you see, smell, touch, feel, taste.... How has your stimuli to the atmosphere changed? Try taking in a zoology perception, and a sense of security, to balance your mental state.


Venture Passes
Venture passes are great areas to hone your vast eco connections, they are ruins, leylines, natural wonders and other areas carrying unique energies as well as varieties of metaphysical gardening ( metaphysical proprieties, entities, dimensions ex.), they put you in a universal trance, with a sense of universal communication, energy absorptions, a variety of stimuli, role playing ventures, and fun-da-mental, ex.


Each connection is unique, and strengthens physic, vasteco, and other aspects of existence.

Basic training engagements start out as mediums, psychic dreaming healing techniques, energetic currencies, universal higg absorption, and so forth.

You may experience electro static's, dark matter, and millions of other elements.

As well as awaking sedated natures and parts of your body, such as your frontal lobe, which allows you to view non physical planes, but also allows you to share consciousness absorption, ex.

Balancing your being

Yoga is very helpful, both relaxing and helps health wise in flexibly and loosens any knots you may have that mite interfere with an electric flow.


All natural diets help extremely, foods now days use lots of chemicals, which alters your though processes.


As with anything, hands on experience is the best way to go, all we can do is set a basic outline. Also Do Not get wrapped up on how to the main factor here in to be instinctive and follow your intuition!

EEA Extended Existence Atmospheres
Creative Intelligence & Field Training Unit