Psychic Development

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Every One is psychic! That's right you have untapped potential just waiting for you.


The word "psychic" comes from the Greek word psyche, "Spirit" or "soul".
What's known as psychic gifts in today's world, are really just the sedated natures of your souls engagements.

Your mind receives external stimuli through much more then five senses, however in today's society even just these five have been cultured to a limitation.


Your Conscious, unconscious and universal minds


There are three basic levels of consensus, that play a role in the developing psyche.
The Conscious, unconscious and universal minds, learning to balance these bridges your being into a more intimate relation ship with your atmosphere.


The Conscious mind only consists of 10% of your total mind, it is in charge of reasoning, analyzing and making decisions. The unconscious mind is a storage unit, we only comprehend if lucky, 40% of the data our mind absorbs, the most off the access is stored into our unconscious.

Our universal mind is the place our spontaneous insights come from.


Psychic Development Unit




Types of Intuition
There are three basic types of physic intuition, deductive, random, and goal focused. Deductive intuition comes from your unconscious, random from your universal mind, and goal focused from all three.


Development exercise - third eye

Your third eye is two things your frontal lobe, the part of your brain stimulated when in taking a lot more or new information, which are defined as plains, and your pituitary gland that secrets hormones, and metabolism.


Using sensory mediation well open the third eye,
relax, close your eyes, and take deep breaths, lesion in side your body for the sounds it makes, lesion out side what sounds are there, focus on the smells in your surroundings, breath through your mouth for a minute and taste the air. Then breath again through your nose. Focus on the area in between your eyes and see if it starts to tickle, then focus on that sensation, other sensations may arise, a static at the end of your fingers, the pluses rate of your heart, and other physical sensations, these will be discussed in a later exercise.


Development exercise - Clairvoyance Reading

Clairvoyance reading really opens your perception into a matrix cal plain,
after you become accustomed to clairvoyance reading you can do it all the time with out even tiring.


Have you ever looked really close to a TV set? If you have you noticed the millions of little colored dots that conform to make the moving pitchers, well the dots are also in your sight!

Remember White Noise? Where the spirits communicate through the static of the TV set? You could see a vague outline slowly moving till it conformed into a image or symbol that would then move around and become more defined.

This is clairvoyance reading.


Clairvoyance reading is communicated through three forms, symbolist, literal, and in motion.

To clarify between the symbolist's and literal, for ex.. If you saw a broken heart you would ask the entity to clarify, which then would turn into ether a guy in a bed, literal, or someone crying, symbol.


In motion is a form you can tap into after practice, its just like watching a movie, i have viewed a whole concept within a religion in this form.


Clairvoyance reading exercise

To start learning to read, i would suggest closing your eyes in a dark room, you can keep them open if you wish, and just focus your eyes to see the dots, they'll start moving and you'll be able to see the images.


Opening Psychic Stimuli

To allow yourself to be open to psychic input and stimuli, you must learn to not overanalyze, and not to expect the types of outcomes.

You must also talk to others who mite be awear, and go into the atmospheres that encourage the senses to open and develop.


Here is a basic relaxation and psychic stimuli technique you can use in mediation to help open these engagements.


Stimuli Mediation

Relax, close your eyes, take deep breaths, with every breath, sink deeper and deeper.
Focus on your third eye, and relax all your muscles, more and more as you breath deep, feel your third eye get stronger, and stronger.

Now when you feel ready, you can do one of three things...

Graphic mediation (create your own atmosphere, creatures, exc.),
Open the subconscious and use memories, or past dreams,
Or you could go into a deep clairvoyance reading.

Which ever you chose try to keep your third eye open, and to stay in a deep state of relaxation.


Now i want you to do something, with whatever you had chosen,
i need you to focus or create, the smells, the textures, the temperatures, tastes, use your five senses in the form of what you have chosen.

A dream? Imagine the tastes, the emotions, the textures...
Memory? Remember the emotions, the atmosphere...
Graphics? Try to believe you can feel these things, what would they feel like? Ex..
And so on. Let your creativity take over, do what ever you can think of.


This is a great way to open up to receive psychic information and stimuli, because your analytical mind is at rest, you are opening up communication from your subconscious and universal mind.


To tune into your inner guidance system, you need to practice.
The more you focus on developing your intuitive gifts, the more they will respond to you.


Synchronize Internal and External Messages

In addition to your channel of internal communication, you have an external guidance system.


Your external guidance system comes form the outside. It is a form of external communication from another person or entity. It comes in many forms, auras, energies, omens, weather, abstract, geographies, and forms of stimuli


You will pick up on these communication as they materialize around you, in almost any form imaginable, from a cloud, shape or intensity, to an encounter with an animal, all you need to do is pay attention.



You are not alone, there are forces we couldn't possibly understand in this life time, but they to send messages,, coincidence? Luck? Fate? The force of the universe.


Once you become stable in your consensus, and even before this when accessing the law of attraction, or "karma" you well learn also to communicate with these higher powers, and without label, once you are in connection with these higher powers, you will absorb an expanded consciousness.


Balancing Mediation

Take three breaths, one for body, one for mind, and one for spirit,
Do this three times.


Positive concepts to focus on in meditation, Breath in ....
Security, vitality, universal connection, love, health, strong, centered, success, vibrant, creativity, healthy relationships, attractiveness, giveness, thankfulness, liberation, prosperous, natural dieting (clean and earthy fuels for your body), good self esteem, spontaneity, sense of purpose, contentment, goals, willful, love, compassion, trust, helping others, taking care of your self, forgiving, peaceful, joy, humor, comfort, truth, independence, inspired communication, expression, gentle understanding, teach, poet, honor all beliefs, communication, listen, reveal true feelings, imagination, generosity, devotion, protection, harmony, peace, openness to the vast existence around you...

Negative concepts to focus on in meditation, Breath out,,,,
insecurity, fear, low immunity, overly sensitive, repressed, anxiety, negativity, worry, nervousness, self pity, paranoia, sadness, self rightness, lack of trust, evasiveness, repression, sedation, ridged thinking, false skepticism, feeling of stagnation, self destructive thoughts and actions, loneness, frustration....


Creative meditative concepts...
Natural Connection, instincts, life (eco), life (family), spiritual sensuality, magnetic, life (celebration), radiation of being, transformation, energy, gut instincts, creative dreaming, spiritual wisdom, clear place in the universe, focused place in the universe, accepting your unique gifts, elements, focus on colors and textures, movements around you, interconnection with all beings, healer, open to spiritual messengers, physic vision, intuition, telepathy, guide, discover, cognitive dreams (link to past present and future and can make dreams come true, spiritual light, open to all intuitions, open knowledge beyond time, space, open to the beauty around you, ability to know things beyond rational, beyond the physical to know things metaphysical, spiritual knowledge, divine wisdom, enlighten, filling destiny, finding your interconnection the continuity linking you with all of life, faith....


Energy emanating rocks and ruins

Certain stones or objects give off a low vibrational level that can enhance your psychic abilities, you can also absorb good sources of energy off of ancient ruins, both cutured and natural sources of energy intertwine in these areas.

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