Energy Healing

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Psychic Healing Methods


In a deep self-hypnotic trance you can be able to scan a body for mentally or physical illnesses.

Your body is an energy grid. You have many energy centers, the energy is flowing evenly throughout you mentally, physically, and spiritually, with universal energy. This is seen as an aurora.


Just about anyone can see an aurora, you can taste, smell, see and feel auroras in both empathic (emotionally) and electric pluses.


When the energy is blocked or distorted in an area this is one of the causes of illnesses. The more unbalanced the more illnesses.


You can determine through your five senses what the cause and area of a distortion lays.

There are four main ways that healing energy is transferred.

Refuse the aliment.

One way is to covert the energy.
One is to absorb the energy, and another is to output healing energy into the disturb area.
Medical intuition and massage therapy are also forms of psychic healing.


Harnessing Healing Energy

Find an area full of nature, with lots of light, and awesome surroundings,
focus on bringing the universal force through you as a healing energy.
Relax, breath in the air, feel how clean it is, feel the sun, lesion to nature, get a deep connection with your atmosphere. Feel the healing energy flow through you.
Absorb your surroundings.


Massage Therapy
Another healing technique is good old massage, because it uses hands-on techniques for comfort and healing, you can use your psychic ability to work that part of there body with the block, a good static charge works well with this technique.

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