Cognitive Dreaming

The collection of the subconscious can some times rear its ugly head as negative scripting, This effects our core beliefs, altering how we see things and behave.

Were likely to experience mood problems such as being unhappy, powerless, and apathetic.

Neuroscientists are discovering that at a synaptic level, recalled event real or perceptional,both register in the neocortex and limbic system in the same way the same intensity. By cognitive dreaming we taking control of laying the neural path ways.

Psychic and prophetic dreaming?

Dreams are a great medium for receiving psychic information. They come at a time when your conscious mind is at rest and open to the messages of your unconscious and your universal mind. Because your conscious mind is so active, many of you do not relax enough while you are awake to receive the information that there is to receive.


Some dreams are often karmic in nature, in other words something left unfinished, maybe from a past life, in a relationship matter, or so on.


Some are releasive, back to a time when your soul had no physical form, and you were able to travel through pure energy as the thought of your power, this is known as astro projection, travel to places, through time, realms, just explore.

Some dreams are predictions, your can dream about an advent that hasn't happened yet, about other peoples lives, or future spiritual formations, even bigger conceptions.


Sometimes you'll experience a dream that feels like a riddle, some of them may be from your subconscious, but some maybe universal guides, analyzing dreams differs between the dreamer, we all have our own mental makeup, and perceive differently.


Dreams Matter! That's right, you can collect textures, colors, smells, tastes, emotions, elements the list go's forever, and integrate them into your dreaming state, Get creative!

You can also alter and better understand these paths, through cognitive dreaming.

In theory it is because protons and neutrons that make the masses in existence as we know it are influenced by even smaller particles called quarks, quarks are undefined at this time and slightly assessable through our consensus mind.


Cognitive Dreaming Unit





Synapse Rewiring

The first step to a synapse rewiring would be to break the long term relationship that currently constrains your being.

There are several things you can do that well help loosen the hard wiring of your thought processes from a life long programming of the influences you have encountered.

You can email your dreams to our dreamlist or write them down in a journal and have the other dreamers and/or your self go over them, analyze or express opinions of them. This allows access to the part of your brain you are accessing in REM (rabid eye movement) this is your deep subconscious, during your consensus dominate hours.

Then what you can do, is in reverse formation, pick out things throughout the day or tap into our creative side and pull them into your dreams consciously, now this is the hard part and at first you may not be able to, but just keep tiring, the group helps a lot here because of talking about it every day we give each other tips, and help strengthen our subconscious bridge into our conscious just by accessing the new synapse connection.

Symbolical Reprogramming

What you do is start you own symbols, using your heart to define them instead of your head, if you go to deep into meaning, the scripting will control you instead of you controlling the script. You can learn a lot about Symbolical creativity in sur real abstracts, such as religion, or shadow governments.


You can better integrate them by using clouds, or other natural formations, and a bit of imagination, find your symbols, if you see other symbols don't try to ignore them just move to the formation and try to see yours.


This helps break the relationship you have to a prebuilt surreal abstract created by civilization, and brings you into a connection of your surroundings controlled be your entity, in a more balanced form, instead of a constraining atmosphere.


Big Picture, Little Picture

There are two ways to focus the mind: the big picture and the little picture. As with a hologram, if you focus only on one you can fail to see the other.

If you only see the big picture, you are detaching yourself from your inner guidance system. You maybe keeping yourself at such a distance that you are unable to take an active role in your life, as far as invoking your OWN spiritual natures.
You well feel paralyzed.


When you only see the little picture, you become too emotional, and obsessive, you will repeat karmic patterns over and over again. And fail to see the opportunities that await you. You feel weighed down.

However both resemble neurolinguistic programming, both may leave you entranced states, the key word here is relax, learn to create anchors that can bring you back into a free form state of mind, anchors such as smells, breathing, just venturing off into the visuals of nature around you.

There is some very interesting engagements and ascensions you can gain from these perceptions, such as spiritual formations, but there is a lot to lose, once you feel secure, then you can engage in more invoking activities but till then learn to balance more human natures.

Try Travel and Exporing in your dreams, and get creative! If you feel you are secure i suggest to try communication with your psychic abilities as well.


Through our mailing lists, we work together analyzing, and brain storming new activities to strengthen our cognitive dreaming in a fun and creative ways.
we also engage in astro projection & other Dreaming abilities, so join the mailing list for Dreaming and learn hands on!

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