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Cognitive Dreaming Unit



Psychic Development Unit



EEA Field Training Unit



Creative Intelligence Unit



Director - Process Through




Our group respects your privacy, there are several people in our group that have some amazing abilities. It is up to them to speak of them.

Also i ask the group if you witness someone in our group doing something "unexplainable" please keep their privacy.

Our group is built so that we would be able to express our abilities and explore without distortion. Please help us keep it this way.

Almost half our group already has abilities and thoughs who don't will.
Some of these people are amazing, i will not mention names because they don't want that kind of attention.

Please help us keep a comfortable atmosphere for our group.

If anyone feels in the group they MUST show the world there new found or birthed "gifts" please, please, leave our group out of the public eye.


Psychic Development


Ley Lines

Enchanted Rock:


What in the Bleep Do we know?

WATER CRYSTALS "Empathic Alteration"

Spiritual formation

Aeronautics Nucleosynthesis Stimuli

Natural Order - Universal Relativity

Age of Aquarius


Advantages Being Vegetarian

Attract Anything

Body Detox


Control Anger


Gardening Secrets

Greenhouse Maintenance

Kick Bad Habits

Memory Power

Positive Attitude

Power Of Yoga


Quit Smoking

Self Esteem

Self Improvement



EEA Extended Existence Atmospheres
Creative Intelligence & Field Training Unit