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Clairvoyance literally means Clear seeing. A someone who is clairvoyant has the ability to see what is generally acknowledged to be unseen. This is also known as second sight.
Second sight combined with your other senses maybe able to experience all three states of time- past, present and future.


There are three different ways to experience clairvoyance. Realistic, symbolic and thread.

Most common is realistic.

Symbolic imagery involves a kinesthetic sense, the images may provide you with a gut feeling of there meaning.

Thread is a complex clairvoyance, it integrates mass amount of information.

Clairvoyance has several different outlets, you can see through objects, over distances, into time, (retro-cognition/precognition) through dreams, someone's aura, see other entities and other aspects.


Visual telepathy is the communication of a clairvoyant.


Clairvoyant exercise

Relax, feel secure (in spirit)
it may help to induce your self into a trance like state.

Can you see any thing resembling the past?
Can you see someone's aura?


(some may want to start with a matrix form of clairvoyance-
close your eyelids, what images do you see? If it moves to fast relax and breath, once you are in sync, see if you can focus on the images to become more clear.)

can you interpret your images? The answer may not come right away just be patient.

Can you get images of past or future?
Can you see images in objects? Clouds are the easiest to start on.
Can you see other entities?

The more you practice, the sharper and stronger your second sight will be.



Clairaudience means clear hearing, it is the ability to hear sounds or voices that don't exists in the "normal plane.


Some sounds may not be a spirit, some can come from a different time period, some from the world around you a consensus trying to communicate with you through animals, and other natural or natural sounds.


The more you become aware of and trust your Clairaudience
, the more you will develop your psychic intuition.


You also may be able to communicate with someone else thoughts, this is called mental telepathy.



Find a place to relax.
Or a place you can venture without being disturbed,
just breath and let your mind wonder,
try to focus on your hearing, what can you hear? Both internally and externally.
You may want to ask a question, see if anyone answers.
If they do keep your mind open, without judgment, try to connect with the entities spirit, absorb any physical sensations, air rushing past you, feeling grounded, ex.

Can you hear anything from the future? Or past? Sounds voices?

What are natures sounds? Any unfamiliar?

Now combine your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.
Tune in to your flow, how do they work together?
What dose it feel like when using them together?
Dose it feel different at different places?

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Clairsetience means clear feeling.
There are two different types of feeling- those experienced through touch. And those experienced as emotions.


Both can relate to past, present and future. You can feel the emotions off another person, or object, spirit, entity, feel a deep connection to the elements or weather, you can also touch an object and unleash a flow of psychic images. You can feel drawn to or repelled by a person, place or thing. You can feel different types of energetic or aurora currency's, and other plane elements.


You can also feel a tinkling when your third eye opens, or the electro static's that come off your hands, weak kneed, ex.


There are psychic defense systems that are linked through Clairsetience.
Your energy and the energy around you can be absorbed through Clairsetience.

Clairsetience can be first noticed through signs such as, feeling a gut feeling about a person, "i don't trust this guy". Being able to feel someone personality ( essence ) sensing someone's mood. Having a gut feeling you someone needs you, or something is wrong, or feeling lucky.


Energy Absorption

There are a vast variety of energies, you must understand these atmospheres before you go into modification of the energies, you may want to start by just opening up an emphatic wave length among the currencies a few times to better understand the concept. Learning to use energy absorption can allow you to manipulate the energy of the universe, you can learn to focus it by emitting an energy felid through your fingers, you can learn to move objects, change the weather, heal, adjust someone's aurora, alter metaphysical properties. Be creative, and don't misuse energy abortions.


Join all your psychic senses,
try taste (clairgustation), and smell (clairolfaction), and the other activities through out the site, just let it flow...


Live Life from a different Level of awareness


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