Open Consciousness

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Inner ionics (the consciousness - Soul) & Outter ionics (the Vast eco System)


Inner ionics is the very essence of ones soul or entity, this is made up of several factors, the output of energy within the life force around you, a collision effect bringing ones own uniqueness into existence, and other elements we are still to young in our own expansion of be-ing (the true ageing of consciousness, not time) to understand.


Spiritual Alignment

Entities in search of a invigorating state of being confected with there surroundings are apt to taking on of two path which both lead to inconclusive ends.

One, ether to follow the development around them into spiritual formation which leads them to obtain values against there core mentality.

The other is when they conflict with any leading information logged into their mental housing, which causes them to build and distort there state of expression.
In order for the entity to break the confinement within them they need to learn the third option,

By learning to absorb information with the entities own state of being and expression as artificial intelligence, and not to confuse it with the entities own intuition, or  emotional makeup, should enhance the entities state of being. Also the entity should learn creative intelligence as a way of expression without limitation until the entity has broken mental barriers accumulated through distorted pathways. After the entity has realized both endeavors it is ready to engage in existence as a whole and venture through a outer ionic system ( the vast surrounding around you ) instead of having all focuses within its own inner ionic system ( the conciseness ) realizing the paralyses within its self.

of Distortion within the integration of inner-Outter ionic systems in utilization of the duality effect. Also see ionic Formating 4, 6 & 8.





Split Transmission




Cellular Effects


Pax-6 shRNA






This page is a basic layout of just tid bits to help us relieve some of those mental blocks obstructing an Open Source Consciousness.


Some Steps to achieve Open Consciousness,


Do you Exist? of course you do, Duh, Therefore we are all in union through a shared existence. There is no hell that is just the state of the lost, There is no heaven , that is a state of spiritual formation, there is a vast existence which surrounds you, and being human is just one tiny tiny state in which your spirit well become.

Dont judge your neighbors, rather they are man, animal, spirit, or whatever.
You must look through Innocents.
As a mother, (he or she or this situation is young and learning, embrace the light side not the judgment, as if you own child was to make the mistake, offer compassion, and embrace the moment, find the humor or enlighten your self with the expression of the moment.
As a child, with openness and great awe, to learn, to let your self be existed, to let your self feel, its only you and the situation or person dont let little thing bother you, embrace the spirit of the child as you look out into the world.

As a brother or sister, or friendly neighbor. we are all creatures of existence, do not judge, do not judge man, animal, situation, entity, or anything, if you feel in your gut its bad for you to interact with it, don't, but don't be aggressive ether, ignorant or judgmental, your not a child anymore. once again, most judgment is based on a misconceived thought anyhow.


Feel free to express your self, but also learn how to, dont worry about proving yourself but also dont fear to express your self. If you learn this you well be able to rid your self of most emotional trauma, a few examples are physics, and conspirator.

the some physics well try to prove themselves, turning into a delusionary state of gifted abilities which really hinders and paralyzes the development, with out a open source conciseness you cannot absorb or extended your nature. and you only gain distortment of the information around you as you bend it to your formation.

The conspirer obsesses in one avenue, they are lost and reflect on the fact something in there surrounding has conflicted with them, but lose all awe of life, and become emotionally traumatized, if they were able to freely state, i dont believe in this, or i think this is wrong, and learn to let go so they do not confine there being into the distorted state, they would regain there emotional balance and embrace the creation of memoires instead of living in a constricting state of being.

simply said, just feel free to embrace the world around you, and express your self without any agenda.


Dont be afraid to feel compassion or intimacy, there is a whole world of avenues and people to embrace, so dont fear opening up to the world, if your let down, just let go, and embrace something else, open up to the world, its already open to you.


Learn, dont worry about the separation, rather it be cutler wise, astronomical, or religious, no matter the separation or allegation, who cares, what is there to fear of knowledge? none thing. embrace your physic side, your creative side, your abstract side, and so forth, no one can change you, it when you limit your self that you change to outside influences.



Remember your free spirit, you have a connection to your true nature, and a connection to a higher consensuses, trust your intuition. open your mind.


Please disregard the following government documents, Due it inefficient data the stated conclusion is in fault. Please note: any tracking or sonar systems are accepted methods for any enquiring entity.


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