Paranormal Videos

Joans First reading, she see's a face, a scary face,
Then during the reading a crash happens on the street were on.

Clairvoyance, photo sample - 1 •  Clairvoyance,photo sample - 2

Oakwood Cemetery

Please Note: There are stories to each of our photos if you are curious about one of the photos in our gallery slider (Below) just email us and we will tell you the story.

This moon photo was taken on a very cloudy night,
but when we entered a witch circle a circle formed around the moon.

This is a photo taken a few minutes after the other moon photo,
from another camrea....


This Group and its activities are safe.

Its only if the person is unstable and becomes overwhelmed by its influences. To overcome getting overly excited is easy, if you just look at things different, try looking at it as just a vaster ecosystem, there are just different types of critters, and if they are intelligent, don't think in labels like aliens, angles or demons because there is millions of different kinds, just think of them as neighbors to your existing state.

In all reality its pretty safe, it just when someone freaks its not, but that is the same in all situations, if your freaking out in the kitchen your going to cut or burn your self, on a boat, fall and drown, ex.

Most of the time in this field if the person freaks its mental harm they do to them self. very rarely energetic harm, and sometimes physical harm, but self exposed, such as freaking out and jumping a cliff or running into a tree, ex. Some kind of nonsense they blame on the other side...

So if your not stable, please try preparing your self before entering this field. Don't take chemical influences, try self help books if your emotionally unstable, if you are conflicted with an instability due to certain abilities discuss them with our mailing list support group, and use the website to balance and expand your abilities. then try a few outings with the group. once you feel ready try a few on your own. a whole new world well open up to you, with so much to offer beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Prepare Physically
Part of your obligation is to keep yourself in tune physically for your psychic journey, don't overdo it but stay healthy, exercise at least 3-4 times a week even 10 minutes each time helps.


Eat Right
Eat as much natural foods as possible.


Prepare Mentally
It is also important for you to keep yourself in a good mental condition as possible for your journey. Remember to keep a healthy perspective.
Take time to relax and balance.
And don't over obsess, live life just with a new state of awe.

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