"Experimental Consciousness"

and Trail Vast Eco Systems

Now before you decide to engage in this please be advised this is not something for someone who is still spiritualy lost or in sought, to interact with. This is not where you'll find your "end all rubber stamp solution". The only way to do so is to follow your own intuitive thought and heart.


We will help you get up when you fall, but this is not the place for spiritual support, so please feel welcome to join the support group on this site if that is what you are looking for.


Also please note this is in no way a enrollment of some sort. The application and group within are only to help open up the gates in your consciousness, so that you may enjoy the engagements within.


Now lets start with the basics, The universal thread we are engaging in is 368.22.33 which is a vast Eco & consciousness theming onset. The masons also call it the supreme be-ing.


368 " 3 in essence - 6 perception - 8 energy "
22 " VAST Eco elements "
33 "Creative Collaborations - Currencys ..."

Now the basic elements are used to theme the age or time span. Such as the age of the Capricorn which is now, and the age of the aquarian

I'm sure by now you can understand why you cannot be lost in spirit in order to engage in such aspects,
it well become you...

It is important that this dose not become a perceptional allegation. i cannot stress the need to not be in sought in matters of feeling lost at any point within the soul before you engage in such activities. However as a group we are there if we can be to help you through any difficult shifts.

anyways, have a look at the app below, and we will let you know if the group can open the Gates needed for your interaction.

This is just an activity. So don't worry if you aren't able to understand it. like i said its very complicated.

Its more important to learn to heighten your senses and connect energetically, eco systems vast elements, and elf fields to engage with the elements of the paranormal and such. and that is all hands on and instinctive.

This is just for entertainment.

Email to Creative Intelligence Unit




Preferred pluses: (empathic/Energetic)

Innovational Scope







STAGE FOCUS: spores, oxidations, ....


ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS: equalizing, aquaculture, sediments...


SUB APPROACH: shareware interactives, creative out letting, connective pulling, mods, other


Community and Population Ecology:


FIREWALLING: disturbance, food web, dispersal, recruitment, range expansion, experimental design, population dynamics, systematic, genetics, reproduction, niche, invader attributes, invisibility, invasion models, other


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MASONRY STIMULUS INVOLVEMENTS: routes, discharge, invasion history, abstracts, other Invasion Vectors



INVASION IMPACT : Impact on native species, tourism/ recreation, eco/ biological, public health, economic, genetic, other


RISK ASSESSMENT: Economic risk, health risk, ecological risk, risk models, vessel-specific, species-specific, environmental tolerance, port-matching, port-specific, region-specific, qualitative, quantitative, temporal, other


RESPONSE TO INVADERS: Eradication, mitigation, eco-manipulation, chemical treatment, physical treatment, genetic manipulation, inner ionic cultering, bio-control, legislation, management, policy, litigation, other


ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING: Biological survey, water quality, early warning systems, public involvement, other LAW/ PUBLIC AWARENESS: Legislation, economics, enforcement, research funding, media/ outreach, regional co-operation, education, international law, other


Does this project involve the creation of a out source accessible?


Are you developing a technique for Voxing Free Radicals or Adopting methods?

How do you plan on insuring natural states from being invaded?

Are you interested in Exploeration roughting or gamma fusion or duailty courses?

Thank you for you time






EEA Extended Existence Atmospheres
Creative Intelligence & Field Training Unit