2012 Facts Not Fictions

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2012 Fact or Fiction?

Both! The matter of the fact is its an alignment of the planets, when this happens our eco systems shift as well as our perception.

Our brains run on electro-magnetic currency's, which are even slightly altered by the moon, it is a science proven fact. As well as the coming alignment, and the magnetic plus of the earth which is dyeing down and beginning to reverse in full force. This well have an effect on our weather, and open up our thinking patterns.


If not prepared, you may feel a flood of emotions, stimuli, and many other influences which could make you feel like its the end of the earth if you were co magnum, but in all actuality, its just a shift, but a very intense one, so its best to prepare though emotional stability, and the training we offer here at the EEA.

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• Cognitive Dreaming
• Clairvoyance , Clairaudience & Clairsentience
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